Thursday, June 26, 2014

The Loom Band Craze Hits The Household

It all started when my friend Sarah of All Honest Reviews, posted loom bands (bracelets made of rubber looms) for sale on Facebook last April. I love the color combination and it wasn't expensive, too. And since I love collecting accessories, I immediately sent Sarah a message asking to buy her loombands. My initial thought was to surprise my daughter who shares the same fascination for anything 'kikay and cute. I would give one bracelet for her when I get home and hope she'd like it.

She wasn't only gleaming with joy thanking me about it, she even told me that she has long been wishing to have this. She was inspired by her friend Thea who lives in Singapore who has also been posting loom bands in her Instagram.  Now, she wants to make her own loom bands, too!  (and sell them as well!)

As the supportive mom as I always am (acheche!), I looked for loom starter kits at the mall and boy Mikkie was so happy she couldn't wait to create her first ever loom band. With You Tube tutorials, it was such a breeze finishing a basic design called Fish Tail. Then she explored some more and was able to make Inverted, Ladder, Triple Fishtails and Infinity designs.
the first loom band kits we bought for Mikkie

serious face of a new loomer
looming with the pros
selfie while looming  :)
her tools of the trade

triple fishtail design
Naruto inspired loomband
for the cutie patootie 
infinity loom band
we call these bullet fishtails
triple fishtails and ladder loom bands
Mikkie's newest loom band kit given by her Papa

My Pretty Looms' Instagram Account picture: Who says she's too young to be an entrepreneur? **wink** 
Am I a stage mom if I  say I help her promote her finished products on social media? Hahaha, I don't really mind being called as such, not only do I make her confident with what she's doing, I also get to use my influence on the internet since I work online, right? I created a Facebook page  ("My Pretty Looms") solely for this purpose and an Instagram account as well. She got busy since then filling her 'orders' from friends and relatives.

Now that school's back, she still makes them occasionally but not as busy like the past few weeks. Of course studies is the number one priority. I am just happy she was able to try this worldwide sensation and had a great time doing it as well!

TIP:  Now that more and more kids are into this hobby, parents should monitor their children (and pets!) to avoid choking and other hazards that could happen, knowing that these materials may pose danger to kids and animals as reminded by Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) and the EcoWaste Coalition.


  1. Loom bands. Yes, it was a hit last year. Most of the teenagers here know how to do it. I haven't tried making one but my daughter got 2 from her ate's and when she was only 2yrs old. LOL! I use it as a ponytail.

  2. I hate when I vacuum and suck up a lot of these loombands lol but they are great for the kids creativity!

  3. My daughter is addicted to looming, too. (who doesn't, right?)

  4. Cute loombands. Nice past time for kids and adults.. Na-invade na rin ang house ko nyan. Thanks to my future daughter-in-law. Whah..

  5. My facebook feed is also filled with loom band creations from my friends' daugthers. I think it's a great bonding activity with parents and it allows kids to get creative. Kudos to her for selling her creations! Let her have the entrepreneurial spirit this early.

  6. I love those charms...daughter is into loom band craze too!

  7. I enjoyed looking at those lovely looms, and I'm really intrigued! Are those easy to do?

  8. Yay! Loombands are very fun to make, especially with fam members.