Thursday, June 26, 2014

The Loom Band Craze Hits The Household

It all started when my friend Sarah of All Honest Reviews, posted loom bands (bracelets made of rubber looms) for sale on Facebook last April. I love the color combination and it wasn't expensive, too. And since I love collecting accessories, I immediately sent Sarah a message asking to buy her loombands. My initial thought was to surprise my daughter who shares the same fascination for anything 'kikay and cute. I would give one bracelet for her when I get home and hope she'd like it.

She wasn't only gleaming with joy thanking me about it, she even told me that she has long been wishing to have this. She was inspired by her friend Thea who lives in Singapore who has also been posting loom bands in her Instagram.  Now, she wants to make her own loom bands, too!  (and sell them as well!)

As the supportive mom as I always am (acheche!), I looked for loom starter kits at the mall and boy Mikkie was so happy she couldn't wait to create her first ever loom band. With You Tube tutorials, it was such a breeze finishing a basic design called Fish Tail. Then she explored some more and was able to make Inverted, Ladder, Triple Fishtails and Infinity designs.
the first loom band kits we bought for Mikkie

serious face of a new loomer
looming with the pros
selfie while looming  :)
her tools of the trade

Monday, June 16, 2014

Mikkie's Face Painting and Art Encounter Last Sunday

Even though it was Father's Day, the kids still ruled because they were so eager to watch the movie, How To Train Your Dragon 2 last Sunday as we headed to Abreeza Mall Cinema. We excitedly bought tickets but had to wait two good hours for the next show. (the first one was already sold out!) The boys Lean and Gabby had their Time Zone cards for playing arcade games so they wasted no time to do their thing. Meanwhile,  Mikkie played for while but then got bored because most of the arcade games were too "boyish" for her.

Then I remembered there was a face painting and art booth sponsored by Abreeza Mall for the said movie. Kids who have movie tickets can spend their time coloring movie-inspired art pages and have their faces painted with the design of their choice. Truly it was a fun-filled day!

face painting

coloring movie-inspired pages
my little fairy butterfly <3