Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Taking Care of Hair Extensions This Summer

Extensions need TLC much like our very own hair and much more so within the warmer several weeks. Here's our guide regarding how to take care of extensions within the summer time for beautiful clip-ins all year long.

Our first tip to take proper care of your hair extensions within the summer time several weeks would be to never use salt spray in it! We all know that surfy, beachy surf is gorgeous and you need to make use of your extensions to imitate the look but using salt spray in your extensions is a big no. The alcohol found in salt spray is only going to actually dry up your extensions making them become twisted and matted...certainly a bad look! Cheat the right path towards the look by spritzing your extensions with a few curl enhancing leave-in conditioner and wind small bits of hair round the finish of the make-up brush or perhaps a pencil for beachy tresses with no damage!

Next within our summer time hair extension guide is among the most significant bits of advice we can provide you with, do not get your extensions wet. Yes, this may seem a bit like this sage advice from  The Gremlins' but having your extensions wet is a huge no-no. Swimming pool water and brine will have absolute havoc together with your extensions and can lead to you requiring to clean them very completely which just occupies precious hrs of the summertime! If you cannot stand the idea of abandoning your extensions by the pool, pop hair right into a braid and accessorize having a floppy hat or perhaps a awesome mind scarf.

A vital tip to keep your extensions searching perfect throughout the summer time is to ensure that they're nourished and moisturised. If you are likely to be putting on your extensions on an outing, you have to make certain they are protected against Ultra violet sun rays if you would like these to stay searching their finest. Don't go anywhere this summer time with no RemySoft Silicone Coating Spritz as this helps to maintain your extensions moisturized and hydrated. It's mandatory-have with regards to human hair extensions upkeep! Not too fussed on going for a spritz bottle on vacation along with you? The RemySoft Moisturelab 3-Step Travel Package is really a small sized pouch, filled with all of the hair extension hydrating goodness you can need in your summer time vacay.

We'd certainly recommend taking these tips about how to take care of extensions within the summer time aboard. In the end, extensions are suitable for existence, not only for summer time, right?

Sunday, May 13, 2018

How to Wash Lace Front Human Hair Wigs

Human hair wigs look great, feel great, and are the perfect choice when you want a high quality wig piece that looks just like real hair. But there’s one aspect of human hair wigs, particularly lace front wigs human hair, that leaves many wig owners struggling: how are you supposed to properly wash your human hair wigs? The following is a step-by-step guide to washing your lace front wigs human hair. 

Step One: Before You Wash 
Before you wash your lace front wigs human hair, you need to prepare them by making sure they are free of any residues and that they aren’t tangled. If there is any tape or bond residue on your wig or lace, you’ll need to use a wig-friendly adhesive remover to get it off. Next, you’ll want to make sure that your wig doesn’t have any tangles or knots. You can get them out using a wide toothed comb; just be sure to go from bottom to top and be careful not to pull or tug on the wig stands.

Step Two: Rinse In Lukewarm Water 
Next, place your wig in a clean container--a bowl, tub or bin that you only use for washing your wigs is ideal. The container should be filled with lukewarm water that is neither very hot or very cold. Let your wig sit for a bit so that it becomes completely wet.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

5 YouTube Channels Your Kids Will Enjoy

Being a parent is tough indeed. There are so many shows/content available online that aren't good for our kids to watch and listen. Good thing, the people behind Globe At Home took upon themselves in sharing with us its list of top 5 kid-friendly YouTube channels that children can enjoy. No need to worry about what they watch even when we're not around. We can have your kids learn fast and surf fast anytime with first-world broadband connection! Our kids can also enjoy kid-friendly shows from YouTube kids content creators, sing and dance along to tunes, learn from different shows and explore the world around them.

Here are the top 5 shows recommended for  kids to watch:

HooplaKidz TV is perfect for adventurous kids who want to have fun in the comfort of their own homes! They can follow adorable characters like Gazoon, an elephant living in the wild; the Om Noms, a duo of green creatures who go on zany adventures outside the game Cut the Rope; and Annie, Ben, and Mango, a young girl, dog, and monkey who travel the world making new friends and music.

Little Baby Bum is made for kids who love music. This channel is filled with nursery rhymes, complemented by entertaining videos. Viewers can watch individual videos, but they can also check the compilations, which can last up to an hour. Apart from being entertaining, the songs are also educational – kids can sing and learn by following nursery rhymes for getting dressed, learning the alphabet, learning to swim, and taking a bath.

Finding Stuff Out is for the inquisitive child with so many questions. The show is hosted by Harrison Houde who answers science-related questions from its viewers. Throughout the show, Houde has answered questions like “Why can’t humans fly?”, “Why do people have hair?”, and “Why do bats sleep upside down?”.

Want to make your kid’s TV time productive? Let him or her watch Kid Made Modern! Kids can learn things like how to make wire flowers, tie dye shirts using magic markers, and even how to make a sweater. The instructions are safe and easy to execute, and will be a great bonding session with the parents!

Enter the world of Pocoyo, the four-year old boy who goes on adventures with his friends Pato the duck, Elly the elephant, and Loula the dog. Together, they go on adventures on land, air, sea (and even space), and involves the viewers in their adventures. It’s a fun and interactive show filled with trips, games, music, and lessons.

Let your children discover these shows on YouTube Kids for free using  Globe At Home subscription! Apply for a postpaid plan which starts 1299 and up and let your kids be entertained on a bigger screen with fast and reliable internet connection of up to 10Mbps.

For more information call 7301010,  visit the website at, or any Globe store.

Monday, February 13, 2017

Madonna Adopts Twins From Malawi

(photo from Madonna's IG account)
Looks like another celebrity family will be adding two children to it's brood soon. Madonna has been approved to adopt twin girls from Malawi. The girls are four and a half years old, and their mother died shortly after their birth. After that, the girls were taken in by their grandmother, who could not properly provide for them. 

They were subsequently taken into an orphanage. According to Malawi's judiciary spokesperson, the girls are named Sella and Esther. They will join Madonna's other two adopted children, ten year old David and ten year old Mercy, who were also adopted from Malawi in 2006 and 2009.

It doesn't exactly come as a surprise that Madonna was adopting again from the country. She visited the country in January and the Associated Press reported that she was applying to adopt two children. However, at the time, Madonna denied those reports, saying that she was only in the country to check on the progress of a children's hospital she is building, and to check on her charity, Raising Malawi. 

We know now, though, that the plans were actually in the works at that time. Reports also say that the twins'  birth father was in the courtroom at the time that Madonna was cleared to adopt the girls. We wish this family lots of love and happiness as they settle into their new roles together.

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Trick Or Treating with the Kiddos

Mikaela, my youngest child, an 11-year old, turning 12 in February told me a few weeks ago that she and her classmates (she's in 6th grade by the way) are going to join the Trick or Treating for Halloween on October 31 at Woodridge, a village here in Ma-a, Davao City, just a few kilometers from where we live.

This could be her last Trick or Treat as a teenager since most of the participants are little kids. Hmmm, however I also see older teens going as a group just for fun, and of course without their moms or parent.

On the day itself, Mikaela (Mikkie) decided to dress simpler than the last time she join at the mall which was a gown of a princess. She sported a yellow shirt and jumper shorts to look like one of the minions from the movies "Despicable Me" and "Minions".  As usual I took the role of the doting photographer cum stage mother.  We also brought along Mikkie's little cousins, Kiel and Esme.

So here, sharing with you some of the photos I took at the event:

free ice cream over here!!!

Little Esme, Hello Kitty

one of the houses in Woodridge, wow best in effort, nice eh?

Mikkie and her classmates. Rawr..

they got a lot of candies, thanks Woodridge homeowners!

Mikkie and Kiel

How about you? How was your trick-or-treating? Hope you also had fun like we did.  <3

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

What the Big O Really Stands For

(photo credits:
Let's face it mommies, when we were young and careless, it seems all we tried to do was avoid getting pregnant. And then when that biological clock started ticking loudly, say around age 30, then it hits us hard that getting pregnant isn't as easy as it's cracked up to be. 

It's not all about weeks of wild, romantic nights to have you miraculously fall pregnant. So many women find out the hard way that it's hard work. It takes time. It takes effort. A lot of effort.

One of the absolute keys to trying to get pregnant is to know when you ovulate. If you don't know this, you'll never fall pregnant unless incredibly, incredibly lucky (and young!) Ovulation is when the egg is released, ready for fertilization. Did you know that only happens once a month? Only one time a month, about 2-3 days, are you even fertile! How's that for odds? So you need to catch that egg! How to catch it? By pinpointing ovulation. 

You can take OPKs to test when you're ovulating, but be sure to have plenty on hand as you may need to test 10-12 days in a row before you see the 2 dark lines indicating it's time! You can begin tracking and temping your BBT, which means to keep track of your daily basal body temperature and track it in a daily chart to see your temps' peaks and valleys to find the pattern of ovulation. For more tips and tricks, check out

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Walking For A Cause With My Boys

Last Saturday, I did something healthy and noble with my two sons together with my friends. We joined the 7th Healthy Living Walk sponsored by Holiday Gym and Spa for the benefit of the Kids of Hope. They are children afflicted with cancer at the House of Hope and the SPMC Childrens Cancer and Blood Diseases Unit here in Davao City. It was more or less a five-kilometer walk from the Holiday Gym and Spa grounds at Torres St. to the House of Hope compound at Dumanlas Road,  J.P Laurel Avenue beside SPMC (Southern Philippines Medical Center).

It took as about an hour to get there, but I didn't notice the passing of time because we all had fun during the walk. A group of drum beaters led the way creating a lively vibe for the participants. I saw someone bringing her pet along which is a cute idea for this healthy cause. My sons kept singing there favorite songs too while walking, they even bugged me to join them. It was indeed a nice time bonding with my boys and at the same time doing our little share to help the little cancer patients.

When we finally arrived at House of Hope, there was a mini program which included zumba. This perked up the crowd and I'm surprised that my boys joined the group and danced, too! They weren't shy at all. :) Proud mom here. Weeee!

Everyone was very happy that this event raised around Php 25,000 in cash which was directly handed to the The Kids of Hope.

I am glad we were able to join this event and I'm hoping we can participate next year.

If you want to help these kids in your own way, you may contact Kids of Hope with the following details:

Kids of Hope
(082) 305 9390

Healthy Living Walk : on its 7th year (photo credits: Kids of Hope)

walk for a cause participants on the road (photo credits: Kids of Hope)