Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Taking Care of Hair Extensions This Summer

Extensions need TLC much like our very own hair and much more so within the warmer several weeks. Here's our guide regarding how to take care of extensions within the summer time for beautiful clip-ins all year long.

Our first tip to take proper care of your hair extensions within the summer time several weeks would be to never use salt spray in it! We all know that surfy, beachy surf is gorgeous and you need to make use of your extensions to imitate the look but using salt spray in your extensions is a big no. The alcohol found in salt spray is only going to actually dry up your extensions making them become twisted and matted...certainly a bad look! Cheat the right path towards the look by spritzing your extensions with a few curl enhancing leave-in conditioner and wind small bits of hair round the finish of the make-up brush or perhaps a pencil for beachy tresses with no damage!

Next within our summer time hair extension guide is among the most significant bits of advice we can provide you with, do not get your extensions wet. Yes, this may seem a bit like this sage advice from  The Gremlins' but having your extensions wet is a huge no-no. Swimming pool water and brine will have absolute havoc together with your extensions and can lead to you requiring to clean them very completely which just occupies precious hrs of the summertime! If you cannot stand the idea of abandoning your extensions by the pool, pop hair right into a braid and accessorize having a floppy hat or perhaps a awesome mind scarf.

A vital tip to keep your extensions searching perfect throughout the summer time is to ensure that they're nourished and moisturised. If you are likely to be putting on your extensions on an outing, you have to make certain they are protected against Ultra violet sun rays if you would like these to stay searching their finest. Don't go anywhere this summer time with no RemySoft Silicone Coating Spritz as this helps to maintain your extensions moisturized and hydrated. It's mandatory-have with regards to human hair extensions upkeep! Not too fussed on going for a spritz bottle on vacation along with you? The RemySoft Moisturelab 3-Step Travel Package is really a small sized pouch, filled with all of the hair extension hydrating goodness you can need in your summer time vacay.

We'd certainly recommend taking these tips about how to take care of extensions within the summer time aboard. In the end, extensions are suitable for existence, not only for summer time, right?

Sunday, May 13, 2018

How to Wash Lace Front Human Hair Wigs

Human hair wigs look great, feel great, and are the perfect choice when you want a high quality wig piece that looks just like real hair. But there’s one aspect of human hair wigs, particularly lace front wigs human hair, that leaves many wig owners struggling: how are you supposed to properly wash your human hair wigs? The following is a step-by-step guide to washing your lace front wigs human hair. 

Step One: Before You Wash 
Before you wash your lace front wigs human hair, you need to prepare them by making sure they are free of any residues and that they aren’t tangled. If there is any tape or bond residue on your wig or lace, you’ll need to use a wig-friendly adhesive remover to get it off. Next, you’ll want to make sure that your wig doesn’t have any tangles or knots. You can get them out using a wide toothed comb; just be sure to go from bottom to top and be careful not to pull or tug on the wig stands.

Step Two: Rinse In Lukewarm Water 
Next, place your wig in a clean container--a bowl, tub or bin that you only use for washing your wigs is ideal. The container should be filled with lukewarm water that is neither very hot or very cold. Let your wig sit for a bit so that it becomes completely wet.