Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Meeting Jake and Finn and the Adventure Time Friends

Summer is almost over, soon our home will be busy again, with kids and me getting up early for school, doing assignments and projects, and making sure they have clean and neatly pressed uniforms.

But before we say goodbye to vacation, kids were able to watch the live show of their favorite characters from Adventure Time namely: Finn, Jake, Princess Bubblegum, Marceline, and Ice King at the Abreeza Mall here in Davao City last weekend.  My daughter Mikkie and her two cousins Andy and Lara also had the chance to be at the meet and greet after the show for a photo op.

Look how much fun the girls had during the meet and greet, even I  enjoyed taking the pictures! ;)

Finn clowning with Andy ( Mikkie's cousin in red)
The famous duo Jake and Finn

all game for a pose!  (Finn starting to play with Andy's hair here, lol)

the Adventure Time cast live on their mini show


  1. this is pretty cool, they actually came and it seems like kids is having a blast too.

  2. I used to love mascot when I was a kid i have never been scared to any. I never heard about that show though but i bet its fun to watch.

  3. Oh how cool is that. We used to watch every episode of Finn and Jake hehehe.

  4. Ang dami talagang events sa Abreeza Mall. Nice photo op your the kids have. Bad thing lang, I don't know those character. Sign of lod age na talaga.

  5. That meet-and-greet event sure is fun! My son loves the characters in that children's show, too!

  6. oh! My kids love them, my daughter even draws them often! Great experience!