Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The ABC's of Parenting

Recently, I attended a Family Talk forum sponsored by Philam Life. The main speaker, Ms. Maribel Sison, the founder of Love Institute talked about valuable tips on parenting and effective home management.

So I am sharing the ABC's of Parenting to you guys, who are parents (like myself!) , soon-to-be parents and those will be parents in the future. I find this very insightful and a great reminder to us when work and routine of house chores get the best of us.


- Have a REGULAR FUN TIME with each child.
- Have a weekly date day with EACH child


- Affirm positive qualities, catch child doing good and SAY it
- ENCOURAGEMENT is given for effort and improvement.


Listen well: "You sound angry that you did not get to the top of the monkey bars?"
Speak well in a friendly tone "I am confident you will get it with practice and patience. Do you want to try?"


-Mean to TEACH and to INSTRUCT. It is not punishment.
-Agree on HOUSE RULES for the child/children then implement
-Spanking, shouting, threatening, or bribing may not work.
-Offer choices within limits
-HOUSE RULES: TV/computer time, Allowance, Study Time

    If agreements are not met, then use:

       NATURAL CONSEQUENCE - Does not eat, child goes hungry.
       LOGICAL CONSEQUENCE - Loses book, child pays for it.


-CALENDAR: Have a ONCE a week date with your spouse/self
-CARING: Doing and showing thoughtful acts
-COMMUNICATION: Kind and loving words of affirmation


-Financial responsibility to the self, spouse and children
-FAMILY Mission statement, annual plans, budget for couple and children
-Simplify lifestyle with kids. Live within one's means to have a FAMILY life.
-Correct financial mindset: Income- Savings = Expenses


  1. I reckon it's never easy to become a parent as you have loads of responsibilities in your shoulders. I''m sure this can help parents in rearing their children.

  2. these are very sound advise, I believe it's not easy to raise kids, sometimes, despite all the parents very good modeling, some kids still go astray, and I know how painful this must be for the parents.

  3. Thanks for this!Being a parent is never easy, it is a continuous process. We learned tings everyday..

  4. It`s not easy to be a parent but constant communication and respect to each other will definitely help.

  5. Growing up, spanking was part of my parent's discipline tactics. I grew up rebellious. But now, I have a kid of my own, I never once spank her. So far, she is a respectful and obedient child. Yes, I agree - spanking does not work.

  6. These are very good points and I would love to see myself using every bit of this tips. I don't have kids yet but living in a house close to my siblings makes me learn few tricks in raising kids.

  7. In my opinion I think letter "F" is the most important. Naalala ko yung isang documentary channel na mga batang nagkaroon ng maagang responsibilidad sa buhay. Kawawa yung baby nila kasi walang pambili yung teenage parents ng needs ni baby. Haizt!

  8. Helpful acrostic to remember to be a good parent. Great tips.

  9. Just like Riza, I also thing letter F is the most important thing of all. Parents must know how to value money for the whole family, but not to the point na napapalayo na ang mga kids with their moms and dads..